Project Name Project Sponsor Principal Investigator
Understanding Guilty Pleas: A National Science Foundation Research Coordination Network (RCN) National Science Foundation Johnson, Brian
A Punishing Look? National Science Foundation Johnson, Brian
The Missing Link: Examining Prosecutorial Decision-Making Across Federal District Courts National Institute of Justice Johnson, Brian
Government Actions in a Terror Environment (GATE) National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and the Response to Terrorism (START), The United States Department of Homeland Security, and Public Safety Canada Dugan, Laura
The Enforcement of Quality of Life Offenses: The Effectiveness of Planned Change City of Baltimore Wellford, Charles
Understanding the Magnitude and Locus of Cumulative Race Effects across Stages of the Federal Justice System Bureau of Justice Statistics Johnson, Brian
Co-Offending McGloin, Jean
Women on the Move: Neighborhoods, Mobility, and Violence Simpson, Sally
Age Graded Pathways into Crime: Evidence from a Multi-Site Retrospective Study of Incarcerated Women Simpson, Sally
Corporate Crime Simpson, Sally
An Empirical Assessment of Corporate Environmental Crime Control Strategies Simpson, Sally
A Systematic Review of Corporate Crime Deterrence Simpson, Sally
Perceptions of Procedural Justice and Corporate Decisions to Participate in White Collar Crime: Evidence from Cross-National Data Simpson, Sally
Gender and Crime Simpson, Sally
Help-Seeking Around the World Dugan, Laura
Peer Influences McGloin, Jean