The Criminology and Criminal Justice (CCJS) Honors Program is a unique opportunity for undergraduate CCJS majors to challenge themselves academically.  The Honors program involves small, interactive and rigorous courses taught by a tenured faculty member.  CCJS Departmental Honors courses are structured to enhance a student’s analytical skills, research capability, critical thinking, and writing ability.

Students who participate in our Honors Program have the opportunity to experience smaller, more challenging classes and interact with departmental faculty in a one-on-one environment. Additionally, CCJS Honors students graduate with departmental honors and stand out among applicants when applying to graduate school, law school, internships and/or full-time employment.

The Director of the CCJS Honors Program is Dr. David Maimon

Honors Program Structure:

The Honors Program is a three-semester (9 required credit hours) sequence, which a student begins in the fall semester of his or her junior year. CCJS 388H, the first course in the sequence, will provide an in-depth understanding of various contemporary criminological issues and the production of criminological research.  CCJS 388H will only be offered in the fall semester.  In the spring semester of the junior year, students will complete CCJS 389H, where students will solidify their honors thesis topic and begin preliminary research.  If a student is participating in a study abroad program this semester, the student will be expected to complete the course online. In the fall semester of the senior year, students will complete CCJS 489H, a writing intensive course, during which the student will complete an honors thesis. At the end of the semester, each student must orally defend his or her honors thesis.  Honors students may count their honors courses toward completion of the CCJS Course of Choice major curriculum requirement.

Admissions Requirements:

Only declared CCJS majors will be admitted to the CCJS Honors Program.  Additional admissions requirements for the CCJS Honors Program include:

  • A cumulative GPA of at least a 3.25
  • A minimum 3.40 GPA in all CCJS major coursework
  • Satisfactory completion of CCJS 100 and CCJS 105
  • Students must present evidence of satisfactory writing
  • Students must have a minimum of 3 full semesters remaining as of Fall 2018
  • Students should be rising Juniors

Meeting all requirements does not guarantee admission.  Only the top applicants, as determined by the Honors Director, will be admitted into the CCJS Honors Program.

How to Apply:

The application deadline for the Fall 2018 cohort is 4:00 PM on July 2, 2018. Students can download the application here

Applicants must complete and submit the following materials:

  • The Honors Program application
  • An unofficial transcript
  • A paragraph explaining your passion and/or ability to conduct research and why you are a suitable candidate for the Honors Program
  • A writing sample that is approximately 3-5 pages in length.  The writing sample can be a portion of a larger paper or a paper on its own

All application materials should be submitted to the CCJS Undergraduate Advising Office, located in LeFrak Hall, room 2201. Applications can be submitted via email to ccjsadvising [at], by fax to (301) 314-9355, or in person. 

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