CCJS320: Introduction to Criminalistics

(Perm Req) An introduction to modern methods used in the detection, investigation and solution of crimes. Practical analysis of evidence in a crime laboratory, including fingerprints and other impressions, firearms ID and ballistics, hairs and fibers, document examination, and use of polygraph. This class is taught using a "blended learning" format divided equally with presentation of online recorded lectures, case studies, webcasts and readings; and practical examination of criminalistics procedures and evidence identification exercises in the CCJS Crime Laboratory. There are lab fees associated with this course.
CCJS100 and CCJS230. There are lab fees associated with this course.
Credits: 3
Grading Method: Regular Regular grading , Pass-Fail Grading is either Pass or Fail , Audit No grade is assigned
Course Offering
    Spring 2018 Instructor: Thomas Mauriello