Dr. Gary LaFree, Professor 

From its urban roots at the University of Chicago in the early part of the twentieth century, American criminology is going through a sea change in terms of subject matter, methods and data. CCJS at the University of Maryland wants to play a role in terms of shaping the emerging Criminology of the 21 st Century. The video clips in this series focus on newly emerging areas of interest, cutting edge research methods and innovative sources of data.


Dr. María Vélez, Associate Professor

Topic: Immigration and its relation to crime.


Dr. Brian Johnson, Professor

Topic: Sentencing outcomes and implicit biases within the criminal justice system.


Dr. Sally Simpson, Professor and Director of CBERC

Topic: Research on white collar crime, specifically corporate crimes and their causes.


Dr. Peter Reuter, Professor

Topic: Drug policy, drug markets and domestic demand, and the impact of fentanyl.

Dr. Gregory Midgette, Assistant Professor

Topic: Understanding the available data related to the opioid market.

Dr. Lawrence Sherman, Distinguished University Professor

Topic: Evidence-based policing.

Dr. John Laub, Distinguished University Professor

Topic: Crime in the life course.

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