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The Racial Democracy Crime and Justice Network (RDCJN) is housed at the University of Maryland under co-directors Rod K. Brunson and María B. Vélez.

Informed by currents of history, cutting-edge crime and justice research, unfolding world events, and the collective interests and capabilities of participants, the general purpose of the RDCJN is to collectively undertake research and related initiatives geared to centering race in the understanding of crime and justice.

To date, the Network consists of roughly 200 scholars of diverse backgrounds.

Through hard work and sustained commitment to the above goals, the RDCJN has helped generate successful outcomes for individuals members (e.g., publications, academic promotions) and the field (e.g., collaborative research, published articles and volumes).



The RDCJN works towards three main objectives:

  • to advance the study of the intersections among democracy, crime and justice, and actions of citizenship;

  • to support junior scholars from underrepresented groups in pursuing career advancement; and

  • to foster opportunities for networking and professional development. 

The RDCJN was founded in 2003 at the Criminal Justice Research Center at Ohio State University, and was previously housed at The Rutgers School of Criminal Justice.