Event Date and Time
Wellford Conference Room ( LEF-2165e )

Date: Friday, October 7th
Time: 12pm to 1pm
Location: Wellford Conference Room

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice invites you to the inaugural talk of our new seminar series highlighting the work of faculty in the department as well as a broad array of interdisciplinary researchers working in the area of crime and criminal justice policy. The first talk will feature Dr. Charles Loeffler from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Speaker: Dr. Charles Loeffler, University of Pennsylvania

Title: Estimating the Life-Course Effects of Shifting Older Adolescents into the Juvenile Justice System: Evidence from Massachusetts

Abstract: After decades of criminal justice system growth, many states are experimenting with shrinking the scale of their criminal justice systems by expanding access to justice alternatives. One example of this policy shift can be seen in Raise the Age (RTA), a statutory shift that has raised the maximum age of jurisdiction for the juvenile justice systems to eighteen years of age in nearly a dozen states. These expansions have resulted in the shifting of tens of thousands of older adolescents from the criminal justice system into the juvenile justice system. Using data from Massachusetts, the third U.S. jurisdiction to adopt RTA, this talk will cover emerging evidence on the life-course effects of these changes.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Dr. Zubin Jelveh (zjelveh [at] umd.edu)

Dr. Charles Loeffler