Gabrielle Cabrera Wy graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2019 and earned her M.A. in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland in 2021. She is now a doctoral candidate.

Gabrielle currently works as a graduate assistant for Dr. María Vélez and Dr. Wade Jacobsen. She additionally works with Dr. Lauren Porter, Dr. Rachel Ellis, Dr. Bianca Bersani and Dr. Sophia Rodriguez (UMD Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership), and she previously worked with Dr. Min Xie and Dr. Greg Midgette.

Gabrielle's dissertation, chaired by Dr. Wade Jacobsen, is a study of cultural heterogeneity, normative conflict, and involvement in offending across immigrant generation.

Gabrielle teaches CCJS 100 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (Summer 2022, Summer 2023), CCJS 105 - Introduction to Criminology (Summer 2024, Summer 2023, Summer 2022), and CCJS 418J - Immigration and Crime (Summer 2024).

She also manages CCJS website content and social media as the Department Communications Liaison.

Areas of Interest

  • Migrant youth's well-being and experiences with education, offending, and the justice system
  • Immigration, race/ethnicity, and justice
  • Cultural heterogeneity, normative influence & informal social control
  • Life-Course Criminology and cumulative disadvantage
  • Labeling theory and the impact of early life course sanctions
  • Cultural narratives driving behavior and reform


  • Degree Type
    Degree Details
    Criminology & Criminal Justice, University of Maryland, College Park
  • Degree Type
    Degree Details
    Criminal Justice & Psychology, University of Southern Indiana
  • Degree Type
    Degree Details
    Journalism, University of Southern Indiana


  • 2023-04-18
    Dr. James W. Longest Memorial Award for Social Science Research
  • 2022-08-22
    Dean's Fellowship
  • 2022-05-19
    USMSC Outstanding Student Leader Award (for UMCP)


  • Wy, Gabrielle C., Carol Xuanying Chen, & María B. Vélez. (2023). “Neighborhood Context, Generational Status, and Legal Socialization: A Multi-Level Analysis from El Paso County.” Paper presentation at the American Society of Criminology, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Wy, Gabrielle C. & Lauren C. Porter. (2023). “Presumed Innocent, Labeled Guilty: Arrest without conviction and internalized stigma.” Paper presentation at the American Society of Criminology, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Wy, Gabrielle Cabrera. (2022). “Between-Worlds: Examining the Role of Competing Cultural Frames in Explaining Immigrant Children’s Offending.” Paper presentation at the American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, GA.
  • Ellis, Rachel, Melissa J. Wilde, & Gabrielle Cabrera Wy. (2022). “‘We blame…the parents’: Eugenics and Juvenile Delinquency after the Progressive Era. Paper presentation at the American Society of Criminology, Atlanta, GA.
  • Wy, Gabrielle Cabrera & Min Xie. (2021). “When to Intervene: Investigating the Effect of Social Bias in Bystander Intervention.” Paper presentation at the American Society of Criminology, Chicago, IL.
  • Wy, Gabrielle Cabrera, Janne Gaub, & Marthinus Koen. (2020). “Special Unit Perceptions of Body-Worn Cameras at Two Police Organizations: A Diffusion of Innovations Analysis.” Paper presentation at CrimCon, virtual.
  • Dobersek, Urska, Gabrielle Cabrera Wy, Skylar Kemp, Samantha Schnarr, Charleen R. Case, & Jon Maner. (2019). The relationship between facial asymmetry and exercise. North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, poster presentat
  • Wy, Gabrielle Cabrera & Marthinus Koen. (2019). “Making Sense of Body-Worn Cameras: An In-Depth Examination of Special Units across Two Agencies.” Paper presentation at the Academy for Criminal Justice Sciences, Baltimore, MD.


  • Rodriguez, S. & Wy, G. C. (2023). Struggling to belong: Evidence from a survey of youth belonging in public schools. Educational Researcher (online December 2023).
  • Wy, G. C., Gaub, J. E., & Koen, M. C. (2021). The Impacts of Body-Worn Cameras: An Examination of Police Specialty Unit Perceptions through Diffusion of Innovations. American Journal of Criminal Justice, 1-22.
  • Dobersek, U., Teel, K., Altmeyer, S., Adkins, J., Wy, G., & Peak, J. (2021). Meat and mental health: A meta-analysis of meat consumption, depression, and anxiety. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 1-18.
  • Dobersek, U., Wy, G., Adkins, J., Altmeyer, S., Krout, K., Lavie, C. J., & Archer, E. (2021). Meat and mental health: a systematic review of meat abstention and depression, anxiety, and related phenomena. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 61
  • Dobersek, U., Stallings, B., Wy, G. C., Case, C. R., & Maner, J. K. (2021). Does Exercise Make Me More Attractive? Exploring the Relations Between Exercise and Mate Value. Evolutionary Psychological Science, 7(2), 124-133.
CCJS Department Graduate Representative, Fall 2022-Spring 2023
BSOS Dean's Graduate Advisory Council, Spring 2021-Spring 2023
CCJS Department Smackdown Coordinator, Fall 2021-Spring 2022
GSG chair of Diversity & Inclusion, Fall 2021-Spring 2022
GSG chair of Local & Civic Engagement, Fall 2021-Spring 2022
Graduate Student Government program representative, Spring 2021-Spring 2022
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