Various funding options exist for graduate students within our department and the University's Graduate School.

Assistantships and Fellowships

The most common forms of financial aid in our Department are Graduate Assistantships and Scholarships. Our Graduate Assistantships include a biweekly stipend during the academic year (9.5 months), full tuition remission (up to 10 credits - Fall and Spring, 4 credits - Winter), and access to State of Maryland health insurance options. Our Graduate Assistantships are either teaching or research-focused. Scholarships vary in amount and can be either one-year or multi-year awards. 

Also, a small number of Fellowships are available to the most outstanding new applicants. Our Department often nominates top doctoral applicants for a prestigious Flagship Fellowship. The Flagship Fellowship is used to recruit outstanding doctoral students to the University of Maryland Graduate School. Flagship Fellowships are multi-year enhancement awards to be added to fellowship/assistantship offers made by graduate programs and currently total $50,000 per student over the duration of the award. 

All new applicants (e.g., students not already enrolled in one of our programs) are automatically considered for all available funding opportunities. For continuing students, applications for financial aid are due each January.

Travel Funding

The Department will provide travel funding to help defray expenses incurred by graduate students who are attending and presenting a paper or poster at a conference.  Students who enter directly into the Ph.D. program without a Master’s degree are eligible for two trips to professional meetings—one as part of the master’s degree and one as part of the Ph.D.  Students who have already earned a Master’s degree prior to coming to UMD are eligible to receive funding for one trip.  A third/second trip during the year when the student is on the job market may be subsidized depending upon the availability of travel funds if the student has already used up their two trips. 

Students who want to apply for departmental travel should place a request accompanied by a copy of the title page and session page of the program showing the name of the student and title of the paper presented.  The award is based on the distance traveled.  We use the same region, and award amount distinctions as the Graduate School does for the Goldhaber Travel Grant.  Visit for further details.

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