A joint MA/JD degree is offered in cooperation with the School of Law at the Baltimore campus. The Graduate program in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland College Park, and the University of Maryland School of Law (located in Baltimore) offers a joint program of studies leading to a MA/JD degree.  

Candidates must be admitted to both programs separately. Please note that admissions to one program does not automatically guarantee admissions in the other.

Admissions Details:

  • Candidates for dual-degree programs must meet the separate admissions criteria and degree requirements of each school will be computed separately
  • Supporting documentations such as letters of recommendations, official transcripts, personal statements and test scores are REQUIRED for both schools and will be computed separately

Please see these pages to learn more about the MA degree application here and the JD degree application here.


Under the terms of the joint MA/JD program:

  • A student may earn both degrees in four (4) academic years.
  • Up to nine (9) credit hours received from the Law School are transferable and will be considered as electives towards your MA degree.
  • Grade point averages in each program will be computed separately and students must maintain minimum standards in each school to continue in the program and receive both degrees.
  • If a student's enrollment is terminated in either program, the student may elect to complete work for the degree in which he/she remains enrolled but such completion must be upon the same conditions as required of regular (non-joint program) degree candidates.
  • ​​​Student's must submitted an approved course of study by the Graduate Director of UMCP and the Dean of the Law School once admitted.


Learn more about the MA degree application here and the JD degree application here.


For more information regarding the JD program, please contact:

University of Maryland, Baltimore Francis King Carey School of Law

500 West Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21201

Phone Number: 410-706-3492

Email: admissions [at] law.umaryland.edu