Our Ph.D. program is designed to give students well-rounded experiences as scholars and teachers through coursework, research experience, and teaching opportunities. Our Ph.D. students are mentored by faculty as they participate in ongoing research projects and as they develop their own scholarly interests. The coursework is designed to give students a firm grounding in the historical progression of research in key areas and to keep them engaged in the latest developments. Finally, students are given opportunities to teach through teaching assistantships and, if wanted, as instructors.

Our Ph.D. graduates have been very successful in finding professional employment. In recent years, nearly all Ph.D. graduates have found career positions at the time of graduation. You can find many of our recent alums as tenure-track assistant professors of criminology/criminal justice, post-doctoral fellows, policy consultants, and research analysts in diverse organizations around the country.

To apply to our Ph.D. program, please see the Ph.D. program application information page.

Please continue to review our website, and feel free to contact criminologydept [at] umd.edu to learn more about how to join our program.