Alumna Dr. Shelby Hickman was featured as a lead discussant in an episode titled “The understudied pathways into labor trafficking” on The Center for Justice Research and Innovation’s (CNA) podcast, Justice Talks.

Dr. Hickman led a discussion with Dr. Scott Decker and Dr. Joan Reid about the victims and perpetrators of labor trafficking, methods of measuring and defining the issue of labor trafficking, and methods of comprehensively addressing the phenomenon.

While at UMD, Dr. Hickman’s doctoral dissertation, “Typologies of Forced Labor Exploitation in Brazil,” relates directly to her featured discussion on Justice Talks. As a doctoral student, Dr. Hickman was named a Fulbright Scholar, allowing her to collaborate with the Anti Slave Labor and Trafficking in Persons Clinic at the Federal University of Minas Gerais’s law school in Brazil to study and analyze labor trafficking referred for prosecution.

After graduating from UMD Criminology & Criminal Justice’s PhD program in the spring of 2021, Dr. Hickman said she’s been working in applied research settings.

Currently, Dr. Hickman works as a research director at Gartner in their Peer and Practitioner research area. She also previously worked as a research scientist at Child Trends and as a research scientist at the Center for Justice Research and Innovation at CNA.

Justice Talks “covers topics of today and tomorrow in the American justice system.”

Click here for access to Dr. Hickman’s podcast episode.

Dr. Shelby Hickman