Dr. Charles Wellford, Professor Emeritus of Criminology and Criminal Justice, is the general editor of a series of criminology handbooks being published by Wiley.  The first volumes which were recently published include these six handbooks:

  • The Handbook of Juvenile Delinquency and Juvenile Justice, Marvin Krohn and Jodi Lane
  • The Handbook of Law and Society, Austin Sarat & Patricia Ewick
  • The Handbook of Gangs, Scott Decker and David Pyrooz
  • The Handbook of Deviance, Eric Goode
  • The Handbook of Criminological Theory, Alex Piquero
  • The Handbook of Drugs and Society, Howard Brownstein

The next volumes to be published in the next 6-8 months include:

  • The Handbook of Measurement Issues in Criminology and Criminal Justice, Tim Bynum & Beth Huebner
  • The Handbook of the Criminology of Terrorism, Gary LaFree & David Freilich
  • The Handbook of Homicide, Fiona Brookman, Ed Macguire & Maguire
  • The Handbook of the History and Philosophy of Criminology, Ruth Triplett
  • The Handbook of White-Collar Crime, Nicky Piquero
  • The Handbook of Race, Ethnicity, Crime and Justice, Martinez et al
Charles Wellford