The Criminology Academy podcast featured CCJS Doctoral Candidate Erin Tinney on their latest episode to speak about her solo-authored publication in Criminology, “The ‘STICKINESS’ of stigma: Guilt by association after a friend’s arrest.”

On the episode, Tinney discusses the findings of her paper, as well as the broader topics of police contact and labeling theory.

Tinney’s primary research interests include labeling theory, the intersection of the education and legal systems, consequences of adolescent contact with the criminal legal system, and queer criminology.

Her dissertation investigates the impacts of juvenile justice system contact on educational outcomes for Maryland youth. She’s one of the most recent recipients of the Ann G. Wylie Dissertation Fellowships award by the UMD graduate school.

Listen to The Criminology Academy’s “Episode 76: Labeling and Associations with Erin Tinney” here.

Erin Tinney