CCJS Master's Student Jessica Raskauskas placed third in the 2023 American Society of Criminology's Graduate Student Poster Competition.

Her poster presented findings from her master's thesis research, "Criminalizing Queerness: An Empirical Analysis of Queer Strain and Criminal Convictions."

"I use a reformulation of queer criminology and general strain theory to propose that there is a causal relationship between the effects of queer-specific strain, and a queer individual's being incarcerated for more property, drug, public order, and other offenses than violent offenses," Raskauskas said. "Results show that queer individuals are more likely than non-queer individuals to be incarcerated for violent and property offenses, and less likely to be incarcerated for drug, public order, and other offenses."

Raskauskas thanks CCJS Assistant Professor Rob Stewart for his role in advising her thesis.

"[Stewart] has been the greatest mentor," she said. "...he has been nothing but supportive every step of the way, and I'm so grateful to have him in my corner."

Raskauskas reflected on her award with further appreciation for those in her life who have cheered her on along the way.

"Receiving the poster award was so unexpected, but one of my proudest achievements to date," she said. "If not for the support of my cohort, my thesis committee, my girlfriend, and my parents, this would have never happened. And I am so, so grateful."

Jessica Raskauskas
Second year master's student Jessica Raskauskas presented her poster at the 2023 American Society of Criminology's conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Jessica Raskauskas