CCJS Doctoral Candidate Sydney Jaw has been awarded a Graduate School Summer Research Fellowship for Award Year 2023-2024.

The Graduate School Summer Research Fellowships support research activities that advance a doctoral student’s progress toward their degree, providing a summer stipend of $5,000.

Jaw will use funds towards her dissertation research examining how geospatial context impacts the effect of the Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) on criminal justice outcomes for youth in New York City. She explores how the communities where youths live and the law enforcement activity in their neighborhood shape SYEP's effect on crime.

Faculty and students in the Department have always been supportive of my research endeavors (even when my interests change),” Jaw said. “I couldn't have gotten this far without them, especially the camaraderie within graduate students… I would like to thank my advisor and dissertation chair Dr. Bianca Bersani for her guidance and encouragement whenever I needed it.

Last year, Jaw also received the Outstanding Graduate Assistant Award.

“I am super grateful to Dr. Sarah Tahamont for nominating me for the graduate assistant award,” Jaw said. “I've learned so much from working with her- she has definitely made me a more thoughtful and critical thinker/researcher…For both awards, I appreciate the Graduate School’s acknowledgement in my GA work and also their support that will allow me to focus on my dissertation research over the summer.”

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Sydney Jaw