As terrorist violence continues to raise concerns across the globe, governments still seem to rely on old strategies of retribution in order to deter terrorism.  Yet relatively few studies have tested the benefits of government strategies to end terrorism, as very little information regarding the specifics of counterterrorism efforts exists.  Typically, research evaluates the effects of the most salient—and usually repressive—actions, while ignoring the less newsworthy, yet possibly impactful, government actions. 

The GATE project collects data on all government actions, ranging from fully repressive to fully conciliatory, that were initiated by governments in select countries from the middle 1980s to the present.  The project is run by Laura Dugan and Erica Chenoweth.  

Completed GATE countries include:

1987-2012 GATE data are being collected and coded for the United States, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom.

Publications include:


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National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and the Response to Terrorism (START), The United States Department of Homeland Security, and Public Safety Canada