Successfully improving the effectiveness, efficiency and fairness of the criminal justice system requires data, research and an evidence-based policy-making approach.

The Maryland Data Analysis Center (MDAC) was established in 2015, through the support of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, for the purpose of collecting data, conducting research, and enhancing data-driven decision-making for Maryland’s criminal justice agencies.

The core activity of the MDAC is to transform the operational information generated by routine case processing in the justice system into data that can be used by academic researchers and agency staff to analyze criminal justice outcomes and practices.  The MDAC also seeks to strengthen data-sharing and research partnerships between university researchers and Maryland agencies, and its research projects are designed to be of operational interest to the agencies of Maryland’s criminal justice system.

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James Lynch, Ph.D., Director

Kiminori Nakamura, Ph.D., Research Director

Maryland Data Analysis Center
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