Below are selected publications from recent Summer Research Institute cohorts.

SRI Cohort 2022

Let’s “talk” about the police: The role of race and police legitimacy attitudes in the legal socialization of youth. Current Psychology42(18), 15422-15437.
April, K., Cole, L. M., & Goldstein, N. E. (2023).

An Intersectional Analysis of System Avoidance. Gender & Society37(3), 361-390.
Ascherio, M. (2023).

In their experience: A review of racial and sexual minority experience in academe and proposals for building an inclusive criminology. Race and Justice12(3), 457-480.
Blount-Hill, K. L., St. John, V., Moton, L. N., & Ajil, A. (2022).

“Walking ATMs”: Street Criminals’ Perception and Targeting of Undocumented Immigrants. Justice Quarterly40(1), 75-105.
Caraballo, K., & Topalli, V. (2023).

Law Enforcement Officers' Bills of Rights and Police Violence. In AEA Papers and Proceedings (Vol. 112, pp. 174-177). American Economic Association.
Cunningham, J. P., Feir, D. L., Gillezeau, R., Harvey, M., & Rad, A. N. (2022).

Accountability and police use of force: Interactive effects between minority representation and civilian review boards. Public Management Review24(11), 1682-1704.
Headley, A. M. (2022).

Exploring the role of race and racial difference in the legislative intent of the trafficking victims protection act. In White Supremacy, Racism and the Coloniality of Anti-trafficking (pp. 64-78). Routledge.
Raza, A. (2022).

SRI Cohort 2021

(Under) cover and Uncovered: Muslim Women's Resistance to Islamophobic Violence. Victims & Offenders, 1-21.
Baboolal, A. A. (2023).

Caught in the Dragnet: How Punitive Immigration Laws Harm Immigrant Community Helpers. Contexts22(1), 38-43.
Canizales, S. L. (2023).

The impact of correctional officer gender on prison suicide. Health & Justice11(1), 10.
Carter, T. J., & Whittle, T. N. (2023).

Incarcerated in a Pandemic: How COVID-19 Exacerbated the “Pains of Imprisonment”. Criminal Justice Review.
Craig, M. O., Kim, M., & Beichner-Thomas, D. (2023).

Officer-involved deaths and the duty to intervene: assessing the impact of DTI policy in New York City, 2000–2019. Policing: An International Journal45(4), 662-675.
Dawson, A. J., Blount-Hill, K. L., & Hodge II, G. (2022).

Arguing for criminal justice reform: Examining the effects of message framing on policy preferences. Justice Quarterly39(7), 1524-1544.
Dunbar, A. (2022).

“It Just Makes You Have More Problems”: An Examination of Anti-snitching Codes among Black Youths in Toronto. Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice64(3), 71-91.
Haag, J. (2022).

Examining Cumulative Disadvantage against American Indian Defendants in Federal Courts. Justice Quarterly40(2), 263-290.
Redner-Vera, E., & Wang, X. (2023).

Policing and Symbolic Control: The Process of Valorization. American Journal of Sociology127(4), 1183-1220.
Thai, M. (2022).

Direct democracy and the adoption of recreational marijuana legalization in the United States, 2012–2019. International Journal of Drug Policy102, 103583.
Vann Jr, B. (2022).

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