Congratulations CCJS 2021 Honors Graduates!

The Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice Congratulates our 2021 Honors Program Students. We celebrate your hard work and successful completion of your honors thesis research. We know that graduation marks just the beginning of your journey, and we look forward to watching you continue to grow in your professional careers as budding scholars. On behalf of the faculty, staff, and students in the CCJS Department, we congratulate you on this major accomplishment and wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors!

Kate Medwar-Vanderlinden

Thesis: Perceptions of Police and Related Reform Strategies

Public Dissemination: Executive Summary

Following graduation, Kate has earned a position with McDermott Will & Emery LLC in Washington, D.C.

“My favorite part about the Honors Program was getting to collect my own data, and the ensuing camaraderie that sprung from all of us data collectors wrestling with our respective statistics programs.”

Jordan Karpoff

Thesis: Menstrual Equity in Prison Post-grad plans: I plan to go to law school, in hopes of one day becoming an advocacy attorney

Public Dissemination: Infographic

Post-grad plans: I plan to go to law school, in hopes of one day becoming an advocacy attorney.

“From the minute I entered the program, I have met the most amazing, considerate, and passionate people. Everyone is extremely encouraging, and they have inspired me both inside and outside of the classroom.”

Bryan Midlam

Thesis: Assessing Progressive Prosecution in Baltimore, Maryland Post-grad plans: I plan to work in law enforcement after graduating

Public Dissemination: Mini podcast

Post-grad plans: I plan to work in law enforcement after graduating.

“My favorite part about the Honors Program has been learning how much time, effort, and research go into an academic paper.”

Skylar Johnson

Thesis: The Impact of Smartphone Technology on Parental Monitoring and College Student Behaviors

Public Dissemination: Infographic

Post-grad plans: I plan on attending law school in the fall to pursue her dreams of becoming a public defense attorney.

“My favorite part about the Honors program is the community we have built. This class became so much more than a class, and I am so grateful to all of my classmates for the past 2 years of learning, growth, and support!”

Zoe Tesser 

Thesis: A Qualitative Research Proposal Examining the Relationship between Toxic Masculinity and Extreme Violence through the Lens of the Incel Subculture

Public Dissemination: Infographic

Post-grad plans: I plan to move to Denver, Colorado, and start Graduate school within the next year, while also enjoying skiing and hiking and everything else that the West has to offer. I plan to get a Master’s in Social Work with a concentration in Youth and Juvenile Justice. 

“My favorite part about being involved with the Honors program has been getting the opportunity to dive deeply into a topic that I am passionate about, while also having the ability to receive immense support and individual attention from Dr. Bersani, my TA Kristin Reque, and my peers. It has definitely been a challenge, but it has given me so much insight and has made me close to people who will continue to guide me for years to come.”

Rebecca Shankman

Thesis: Physiology and Cops: The Effects of Physiological Impairment on Police Behavior

Public Dissemination: Poster

Post-grad plans: I plan to pursue a PhD at Ohio State University in Sociology with a focus on Criminology working to learn more about reentry and ways to increase desistance.

“My favorite part of the Honors Program is working with her peers in the program who have now become friends and will continue to be colleagues.”

Elizabeth Pokress

Thesis: “Say Her Name”: An Analysis of Support for Black Lives Matter Among College Students

Public Dissemination: Tik Tok Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Post-grad plans: I am moving to Boulder, Colorado and working before applying to graduate school!

“I enjoyed making connections with everyone and seeing how research becomes a collaborative process. The whole group was so supportive of each other and I could not have done my thesis without them!

Shuran Chen

Thesis: Extending Social Bond Theory to Occupational Crimes: Assessing the Role of Opportunity

Public Dissemination: Infographic

Plans for after graduation: I will be working at Deloitte in the Tax team for some time. After that, I plan to apply for law school.

“I really like how intimate the group becomes. In this small cohort, not only do we establish friendships, but we also get the opportunity to challenge ourselves academically and complete an independent research project.”