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  • Criminal Victimization and Victimization Surveys; Race/ethnicity and Immigration; Patterns of Crime Reporting; Quantitative Methods, including Multilevel, Longitudinal, and Spatial Analysis


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    University at Albany, State University of New York
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    Peking University, China
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    Peking University, China
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CCJS699C Special Criminological Problems; Criminal Victimization Fall 2019 Syllabus
CCJS610 Research Methods in Criminal Justice and Criminology Spring 2020

UMD National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) Research Forum

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is the one of the nation's primary sources of information on crime and criminal victimization. Each year, data are obtained from a nationally representative sample of about 240,000 persons in about 150,000 households in the United States.  This information allows us to identify victims and non-victims as well as the repercussions and social context of victimization.  It is an excellent source of data for understanding victimization risk as well as responses to victimization.  Periodic supplements to the survey offer the exploration of emerging types of crime like fraud, identity theft and stalking.  While the survey has offered these data for almost 50 years, many criminologists and social scientists interested in crime are unfamiliar with it.  This forum is designed to expose this audience to the research uses of the NCVS and to present methods for proper analysis of the survey data.


The University of Maryland (UMD) organized this forum on the NCVS to foster research use of the survey. Please watch the videos and join Dr. James P. Lynch, Dr. Min Xie, and esteemed panelists to discuss the use of NCVS for research and training.


Session 1: NCVS Roundtable Discussion

Moderators: Drs. James P. Lynch & Min Xie, UMD


·  Dr. Lynn Addington, American Univ.

·   Dr. Eric Baumer, Penn State Univ.

·  Dr. David Cantor, Westat

·   Dr. Lynn Langton, RTI

·  Dr. Janet Lauritsen, Univ. of Missouri – St. Louis

·   Dr. Colin Loftin, Univ. at Albany

·  Dr. Mike Planty, RTI

·   Dr. Andromachi Tseloni, Nottingham Trent Univ.

·  Dr. Jianhua Xu, Univ. of Macau



Recorded video:   


Session 2: NCVS Research Highlights

Moderator: Grace Kena, Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS)


·  Dr. Jennifer Truman, BJS

·   Alexandra Thompson, BJS

·  Dr. Erika Harrell, BJS

·   Dr. Frank Pezzella, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

·  Dr. Tasha Youstin, Western Carolina Univ.

·   Dr. Julie Siddique, Univ. of North Texas at Dallas


Recorded video:    


Session 3: NCVS User Workshop – hands-on training to analyze the NCVS data; using SPSS

Recorded video:    

Workshop files:

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