In a recent ranking of the world's top Law scholars according to, Distinguished University Professors Gary LaFree and Peter Reuter from the University of Maryland, College Park, have emerged as leading figures in the field. Their remarkable achievements and groundbreaking research have earned them prestigious positions in the global academic community.

Distinguished University Professor Peter Reuter, ranked 22nd globally and 20th nationally, is renowned for his expertise in drug policy and enforcement. With a D-index of 57 and a remarkable citation count of 14,563, Professor Reuter's research has focused on understanding drug markets, evaluating drug policies, and exploring strategies for harm reduction. His work has significantly shaped evidence-based drug policies and influenced public discourse in the field.

Distinguished University Professor Gary LaFree, ranked 34th globally and 31st nationally, has made significant contributions to the understanding of crime, criminal justice, and terrorism. With a D-index of 49 and an impressive citation count of 8,923, Professor LaFree's work has shed light on the complex factors that influence criminal behavior and has provided insights into the causes and prevention of terrorism.

Both Distinguished University Professors have published extensively in reputable journals and conference proceedings, solidifying their status as leading authorities in their respective areas of expertise. Their research has not only contributed to the advancement of knowledge in Law but has also informed policy-making and influenced decision-making processes.

The recognition of Distinguished University Professors LaFree and Reuter in the ranking highlights the University of Maryland's commitment to fostering excellence in legal scholarship. In addition, their achievements serve as an inspiration to scholars, practitioners, and decision-makers alike, encouraging further exploration and innovation in the field of Law.


Headshot of LaFree and Reuter