Sally S. Simpson, William S. Laufer, N. Craig Smith, Melissa Rorie, and Natalie Schell-Busey


The objectives of this research (Campbell Systematic Review) are to identify and synthesize the extant empirical literature on corporate crime formal legal and administrative prevention and control mechanisms (i.e., the actions and programs of government law enforcement agencies, legislative bodies, and regulatory agencies).  This review considers all types of legal and regulatory practices for which corporate crime prevention is an outcome.  The review will assess the quality of the evidence (once retrieved), code the details of the relevant publications, and conduct a meta-analysis to address important questions such as:  Which kinds of interventions lower the risk of corporate offending; do different types of interventions have different kinds of effects; do effects vary by unit of analysis (e.g., firm versus manager); and do interventions have different effects by offense type?


Presentations:  American Society of Criminology, (2009), All Bark and No Bite:  Comparing the Effectiveness of Internal Compliance, External Controls, and Legal Authorities as Corporate Watchdogs, (Melissa Rorie, Natalie Schell-Busey, and Sally S. Simpson); American Soceity of Criminology, (2008) Why has this protocol taken 5 years?  Lessons learned from the Campbell Corporate Crime Deterrence Project (Sally S. Simpson, William S. Laufer, N. Craig Smith, Natalie Schell, Rachael Wyckoff, Kerry Richmond, and Megan Bears).


Publications:  Corporate Crime Deterrence Protocol (Sally S. Simpson, William S. Laufer, N. Craig Smith, Melissa Rorie, and Natalie Schell-Busey)

Principal Investigator